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Smart grid concepts, energy (intermediate) storage and the implementation of e-mobility are keywords in the political discussion on the implementation of existing international climate goals. Efficient CO2-free use of renewable resources and their cost-efficient use are the challenges in the area of energy generation, distribution and use.

The implementation of modern “energy management” concepts and the construction of new independent network infrastructures meet the spirit of the times and ensure a reorientation of the energy industry and the avoidance of the central supply from large power plants. For example, energy storage systems help to offset the fluctuations in power generation, especially of renewable energies such as wind and solar, by absorbing surplus electricity and giving it back when needed. This makes these types of energy generation able for basic load. The combination of renewable energy generation systems already available today, the heat coupling of modern CHPs and electrolysers with the infrastructural requirements of e-mobility could, in addition to grid stability, bring significant efficiency improvements and improvements in cost-effectiveness.

With so-called “smart grid” structures, autonomous decentralized generation and supply units for municipalities and communities can be realized, which can grow together in a network through intelligent management and networking with large energy companies.

For this purpose, forward-looking investments and sustainable planning are necessary, which fit the content of the corporate purpose of the Energy CP.

E-mobility will bring in the coming years the increased construction of new network infrastructure in the municipalities with an offer of E / H2 gas stations and the willingness of the population to invest in solar storage. The funding landscape for private households has now been designed and the incentive grows with the supply of E / H2 vehicles and the certainty of generating up to 80% of self-supply.

Against this background, the Energy CP was founded in order to co-design network infrastructure projects with companies and investors in the region and beyond. We look forward to the challenges with you our customers.

The management of Energy CP GmbH

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