Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency makes a significant contribution to reducing primary energy demand.

ECP would like to be a sustainable partner in the planning and design of highly efficient process automation and building technology systems for residential and non-residential buildings in the interests of a more rational use of primary energy. At the central point of the joint projects are the economic and ecological goals that shape our time, making your investment future-proof.

Around 20 percent of the primary energy generated is lost through transport to the end user.These conversion losses amounting to 2860 peta joules are gigantic in terms of primary energy consumption (Source: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen 07/2016) in Germany of around 13,000 peta joules. 382 TWh or 1375 Peta Joules were generated in 2016 from renewable energy. The most decentralized energy generation and use on site has a significant effect on the recorded loss share.

ECP analyzes your consumption and reveals existing potentials for saving energy and increasing efficiency.

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